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Subject: UKNM: Timely E-Mails
From: Adrian Rowe
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:01:52 GMT

I thought you might be interested in the e-mail I received today (30th
October) from NetGenesis (note the seminar dates!). Difficult to see how
they can run seminars on 'Best Practice in the New Economy' when they can't
get an e-mail out on time!
Adrian Rowe
Web Engine Room

The NetGenesis E-Metrics Forum:
Business Metrics for the New Economy

NetGenesis invites you to attend its E-Metrics Forum: Business
Metrics for the New Economy. This interactive forum is designed
to educate senior business executives with strategies and
techniques for transforming e-customer data into competitive
advantage. You will leave with a better perspective on how to
put new E-Metrics best practices into action. By attending this
unique forum, you will:

- Discover the biggest analytic challenges facing today's
e-business managers, and how to conquer them

- Learn how to define and apply E-Metrics critical to e-business
success like the Acquisition Cost, Loyalty Value, Seducible Moments,
and more

- Understand how the Customer Life Cycle is different in the
online world and how to manage it

Who should attend:
CEOs, CIOs, VPs, and Directors responsible for the success
of your Web-based business.

How To Register:
Point your browser to:


Denver - September 18
Seattle - September 19
San Jose - September 20
Frankfurt - September 28
Paris - September 29
Stockholm - October 17
London - October 18
Amsterdam - October 19
New York - November 15
Wash DC - November 16
Atlanta - November 17

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For all the best jobs in E-Commerce, IT, and New media,
come to RevolutionVisit at London Olympia 2, 24/25 November.

See http://www.revolutionvisit.com/1 to find out more.
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