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Subject: Re: UKNM: excuse me, someone has stolen our domain ...
From: Stefan Magdalinski
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 15:42:13 +0100

steve bridger wrote:
> No doubt you've all read this week about the "global alliance" between five
> mega-airlines: American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines,
> Cathay Pacific and Qantas under the brand oneworld
> Hmm ... thought I'd check out http://www.oneworld.com - only to discover
> One World Internetworking, Inc. - an Oregon-based IT solutions provider -
> with a rather pretty and prominent "oneworld" banner linking to
> http://www.oneworldalliance.com/
> Nice little earner.

how very '94.

You should take a look at the history of www.altavista.com, www.id.com
or any of the other sites where small companies beat the big boys to
their domain, legitimately.

In this case the problem seems to be that the marketing company chose a
very dull name for their product, and then were astonished to find that
someone else already owned the domain. They'll sell up and retire
eventually, but the banner is a nice compromise.

> Steve Bridger
> Senior Consultant, Voluntary Sector
> 2-6 Kendall Place, London, W1H 3AH

nice address. oddly familiar

> t: 0171 935 3800
> f: 0171 935 2252
> e: steveatolp [dot] co [dot] uk
> http://www.olp.co.uk

Stefan Magdalinski m 0370 67 70 58
stefanatisness [dot] org h 0171 580 0831
it's isness as usual... **/

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