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From: Stefan Magdalinski
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 15:42:15 +0100

Richard Longhurst wrote:
> Lo,
> Stefan Magdalinski wrote:
> > also, the fact that you can only sign up via their 0845 number, rather
> > than just becoming a member of their wonderful portal community via the
> > web, or your existing internet connection, rather points to them making
> > more from the phone call charges than Mr Beaumont claims.
> There's nothing to stop you accessing http://www.freeserve.net/ if you're not
> using Freeserve as your ISP. It's a decent Web site, but doesn't do anything
> that other portals [spits] don't.

yawn. yes you can access the website, but you can't register for the
free email or free webspace unless you dial up, or at least I'm too
stupid to find it.

> Much as people (especially on this list :-) ) don't like Dixons, it's pretty
> unlikely that even they would base a new business round quid-a-minute tech
> support. They're interested in selling white and brown goods and Freeserve
> gives them a foot in the on-line door. (Or should that be portal?) If they can
> can recoup some of the outlay through ads on the Freeserve Web site and the
> tech support line then so much the better.

nah, it's all in the telco fees.

> as Demon demands for its one-off sign-up fee. And why the hell would anyone
> want to use BT Click now?

why did anyone want to before?

> Richard
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> Richard Longhurst, editor, .net magazine - http://www.netmag.co.uk/
> rlonghurstatfuturenet [dot] co [dot] uk - 01225 442244
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Stefan Magdalinski m 0370 67 70 58
stefanatisness [dot] org h 0171 580 0831
it's isness as usual... **/

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