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From: Richard Longhurst
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:33:17 +0100


Stefan Magdalinski wrote:

> also, the fact that you can only sign up via their 0845 number, rather
> than just becoming a member of their wonderful portal community via the
> web, or your existing internet connection, rather points to them making
> more from the phone call charges than Mr Beaumont claims.

There's nothing to stop you accessing http://www.freeserve.net/ if you're not
using Freeserve as your ISP. It's a decent Web site, but doesn't do anything
that other portals [spits] don't.

Much as people (especially on this list :-) ) don't like Dixons, it's pretty
unlikely that even they would base a new business round quid-a-minute tech
support. They're interested in selling white and brown goods and Freeserve
gives them a foot in the on-line door. (Or should that be portal?) If they can
can recoup some of the outlay through ads on the Freeserve Web site and the
tech support line then so much the better.

> Finally, installing the software on my pc with it's existing network
> connection has fucked up my Explorer settings, and seems to be doing
> some weird cookie based shit with www.freeserve.net, since accessing
> that URL now causes it to run a script that starts up the Internet
> Connection Wizard, and there's no way of cancelling it without
> cancelling out of the signup process. I guess I'd better call their
> helpline...

Sounds odd. It works fine on my PC which is on a LAN connected to the Net.
Check the Connection tab in your Internet Control Panel and make sure you've
got 'Connect to the Internet a LAN' checked. (That'll be 75p please.)

I guess I get a lot of ISP software through my machine and Freeserve's was one
of the easiest and quickest I've seen.

>From a new users' perspective, signing up with Freeserve is the same as signing
up for a free monthly trial with AN Other ISP - except the free month will
never end. So where's the harm in giving it a try? Chances are it'll work first
time out - did for me - and even if it doesn't, you can spend 14 and a half
minutes on-line to technical support before you've spent as much on the phone
as Demon demands for its one-off sign-up fee. And why the hell would anyone
want to use BT Click now?


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