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From: Jatinder Rai (ITN)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 17:06:11 +0100

Your'e right. In a sad sort of way, Dixons are actually doing us all a
favour... encouraging more people to get on the Net. Just like MFI,
everyone is quick to slag off Dixons, but they do actually serve some useful
purpose to a lot of people.

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Let's face it Dixons is on the whole a dreadful place to shop, and I rarely
meet anybody who has a kind word to say about any of the Dixons Group stores
(PCWorld, Currys, The Link & Dixons). But to the 'mass' market without whom
our embryonic endeavours are futile in the long run, Dixons is their gateway
(nay, portal) to the sexy and fast-growing world of high-powered consumer
electronics. As such, Dixons have a profound influence and a move like this
should be embraced by the 'new media' industry as being of enormous benefit.
Dixons windows are full of 'Free internet access' posters. This is good

When you add to this the fact that somewhere within a terrifyingly
'traditional' retail business, in which executives will routinely sell their
Grannies for half a percent, a huge leap of faith in the future has been
taken, and I would dearly love to see the internal justification for it.
When big legacy businesses such as the Dixons Group make investment
decisions the numbers are worked extremely hard, so what numbers are they
working on here in which John Clare (CEO) and Stanley Kalms (Chairman) are
confident of their exposure to risk and the likely return.

The IMRG spends a good deal of time with big brand retailers, and frankly it
is depressing how limited the vision and understanding present is. So to see
Dixons make a move like this is extremely good news. Retailers typically
wait for their competition to move so that they have something to measure
their own position against. Dixons' move will be very good for retailer
attitudes towards the internet.

Of course there are many holes to pick in the detail, and we all love having
someone to hate, but c'mon people, don't be so predictable.

(Incidentally Dixons are not currently a member of the IMRG and the above is
not an attempt to impress them into becoming one. Frankly I would be
dumbstruck if anyone from the Dixons Group subscribed.)


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