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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing
From: Roger Doddy
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:49:21 +0100

Hi John

Couldn't agree more. They didn't get it in the first place and now they are
all playing catch up. I am always struck by the way some direct mail people
think that an email is a letter by another name. It isn't. An email is a
message, a conversation, maybe a stream of consciousness but a letter it
isn't. Sorry to preach but it betrays a profound misconception of the

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Subject: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing

> Hi Ruth
> How about a discussion of this: now that most of the business world
> that the Internet really is going to be something after all, discuss how
> institutions, journalists and companies have jumped on the bandwagon and
> realised that, if they're not careful, they'll be left behind. They
> themselves and claim that they had a strategy all along and they were
> waiting for the right moment to join.... but all along they thought
> that it would fail or go away.

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  UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Market, John Braithwaite

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