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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing
From: Ruth Stone
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 10:25:50 +0100


Thanks for your comments.

I Hope you didn't think I had a humour by-pass, I simply meant that in
additon to the general joviliaty of the cyberchat there is useful comment
and advise coming through as well.

Further, the IDM from the outset have recognised the power of the new media
and embraced it whole heartedly. The problem, to an extent, has been
convincing certain factions of the direct marketing community themselves

(a) the internet will re-invent marketing - both on and off line
(b) the IDM are delivering courses and services to guide direct marketing
and other business professionals to understand how

Perhaps the other professional associations representing the industries you
mentioned have suffered the same.


>From: John Braithwaite <JohnBatGBGdirect [dot] com>
>Reply-To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
>To: uknmatchinwag [dot] com
>Subject: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing
>Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 12:01:24 +0100
>Hi Ruth
>How about a discussion of this: now that most of the business world realise
>that the Internet really is going to be something after all, discuss how
>institutions, journalists and companies have jumped on the bandwagon and
>realised that, if they're not careful, they'll be left behind. They include
>themselves and claim that they had a strategy all along and they were
>waiting for the right moment to join.... but all along they thought
>that it would fail or go away.
>The subject is not directed at the IDM, although they did take some time to
>realise, but from reading an article in a Catalogue & eBusiness (used to be
>just called 'Catalogue', wonder why it changed it's name?) which basically
>had an old duffer from the States waffling on about how eBusinesses have
>got flawed business models and catalogue companies, who were (of course ;-)
>the pioneers of direct marketing organisations will succeed because they
>know best. Hmmm... being a company doing both I know that the catalogue
>business model has to be fundamentally changed for the net.
>Sorry you don't like irony or humour, but that is all a part of this list
>and the Internet in general.
>John B
>P.S. Is an e-creative and e-visionary? Or is it just another e-title to add
>to the growing e-list?
>I work with the Institute of Direct Marketing and joined this discussion
>group having read about it in New Media Age. Humour, irony and cussing
>aside I must say that I have found parting with my e-mail address on this
>occassion worthwhile.
>It seems so far that the IDM and the contributors to this group are in
>agreement about the importance of targeting propects and managing customer
>relations for retention purposes with a solid database supporting all
>marketing activity. After all these are the core principles of direct
>marketing and they are proving to be ever more important as business
>operations move online.
>[Sam says: msg chopped]

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