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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing
From: Ruth Stone
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 10:46:43 +0100

Hi Roger

This is exactly why the IDM would like your comment and needs to explain the
ever complex retlaionship between medium and message.

You mention direct mail but that is only one small element of direct
marketing which embraces other key areas including CRM, database marketing,
telemarketing, permission marketing and Direct response television and radio
- none of which work in isolation of each other nor the internet.

Despite the internet explosion there are a number of business - some very
substantial in size - that have yet to get their coporate heads around these
older marketing disciplines and only once they have done so can they
seriously look at how they are then going to adapt those models to
successfully operate them alongside online marketing activity in some cases
and adapt them to move them online in others.

Without doubt the established businesses and their marketing departments
need to be schooled in the new marketing disciplines but perhaps the newer
businesses would also benefit from gaining an understanding of some of the


>From: "Roger Doddy" <rdoddyatharper-kay [dot] com>
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>Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: The Institute of Direct Marketing
>Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:30:35 +0100
>Hi John
>Couldn't agree more. They didn't get it in the first place and now they are
>all playing catch up. I am always struck by the way some direct mail people
>think that an email is a letter by another name. It isn't. An email is a
>message, a conversation, maybe a stream of consciousness but a letter it
>isn't. Sorry to preach but it betrays a profound misconception of the

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