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Subject: UKNM: HTML vs. Text
From: janet hoy
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:57:38 +0100

A few pointers for you.... all 'word of mouth' claims that HTML is more
successful than text for click throughs - but can you find the actual stats
on that?! People use email for information, keep it short and punchy and
don't worry about fancy HTML graphics; if they want pretty pictures give
them a click through to your web site.

I think I saw some Forrester research (or IMT Strategies, can't remember
which) which claimed that 60% read in text still. If you are outsourcing
you can make sure that you send an HTML with a default text. The HTML will
be served first, but if it can't get through the browser the text will be

As for length of email... there's no real limits (try Last Minute's 8
pagers ... yawn...) but I would suggest you limit yourself! People want
information and they want it fast. If you have separate subject paragraphs
space them out and I would advise keeping each paragraph to a few lines and
a click through. If you're outsourcing, you could even consider creating
dynamic content emails that send one para to one person and a different one
to another depending on their preferences. This way you can avoid the
8-pager "something for everyone which no one reads" syndrome. You need a
decent size database to make this option financially viable though, and it
depends on your acquisition/retention cost per head.

Most important is your subject line - determining whether someone will open
or delete! Then your first screen is all important for pulling the recipient
in. 51% of people do not read all of the email. Get a click through in
your first screen.

Finally, you can be firewalled if you add an attachment ... oh, and I've
heard before that the word "virgin" can get you blocked in some companies as

Hope this helps

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