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Subject: Re: UKNM: Lotteries (was Mailing List Servers located overseas)
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:35:20 +0100

Merging various items into one mail:-


Yes I can go and get prizes (attached to editoral adverts its not difficult)
and we could set up a pop-up which would run them for other sites. However,

1) the site loses as the true cost of the advert is usually always greater
than the prize provided
2) for the provider of the prize the results can be scarely poor, and not
mentioning any names here but I've seen some really, really scary examples
of single and double figure entries attached to very big prizes (cars,
kitchens) on large sites and that was before the opt-outs and stuff.
3) Big prizes usually provide only a little addon value to the supplier. How
many people entering a big prize competition are actually shopping for a car
or new kitchen?
4) Some agencies comments on the quality of the audience drawn into sites by
competitions are not repeatable in public and we are talking about large
London based agencies here.

So yes I can run competitions at no cost. However, as I don't think it does
anyone any real favours so I don't.


This system is designed for one purpose, to allow us to justifiably email
people and remind them to return to the site they entered on. Its not really
designed to entertain people (if you want to do that add Quizzes or
Competitions in Flash or Flash / Java / Javascript based scratch cards to
your site). To entertain people you need to provide instant gratification
but we're weren't looking at that.

We set out to design something that enabled us to send an email once a month
to the vast majority of people that visited a site and with the lottery
system we've found it. It allows us to send:-
1) a thank you for visiting the site mail and
2) a time delayed (after the monthly draw) reminder to get people to return
to the site at little cost and with little to no annoyance.

A lottery is the perfect retention tool, theres a large but unlikely big
prize, a small prize you may just about win (but you need to check the email
to see), and a time delayed result which allows the site to remind the user
two or three weeks after his/her last visit that they still exist and would
they like to revisit it.

Of course, having never seen one of your competitions I can't comment of
their effectiveness compared to a lottery at retaining customers but as you
claim to be a competitor I wouldn't comment anyway.


Yes it will get boring but we can always change the odds, the prizes and
other such things (say match five win a Porsche, match four a model one or

Remember, our lottery is not designed to be a big part of the site it runs
on and if anyone was trying to build a brand around it I would think they
were mad. Its a small, very cheap, retention tool that provide sites the
ability to legitimately email entrants with reminders (and offers say) to
ensure they return to the site.

Remember, �1,000,000 is an awfully neutral but interesting prize and its not
costing them anything to enter. And as people willing pay �1+ weekly to
entry the lottery and thunderball draws I would can't imagine why those
same peope wouldn't spend a minute entering a totally free lottery.
(especially when the cost to the site is probably lower than what Exactis or
24/7 would charge to send two emails directly to that person).


Give your visitors �1,000,000 reasons to return.
Add a LottaLotto.co.uk lottery to your site.

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