How to Get Your Permission Email Past Filters


Worried about filters stopping your newsletters or email campaigns? Get practical, hands-on advice...[How-to Kit: 2 Teleseminar Audio CDs + Printed Transcript & Handbook]

18% or more of your email newsletters and campaigns never reach recipients because your messages are mistakenly blocked as "spam" by filters. New Guide and Q&A teleseminar help you solve your delivery problem.

Every time you send an email newsletter or marketing campaign, on average, one out of every six people who asked to be on your list won't get your mailing because a spam filter blocks it by mistake.

Now, learn how to solve the problem for your mailings. Designed specifically for marketers and email publishers who are not tech experts, MarketingSherpa's new How-to kit gives you the tools you need, including:

Part 1. Download your copy of the brand newPermission Emailer's Guide to Avoiding Filters right now

Your copy of this 84-page handbook features clear step-by-step instructions and useful data on:

  • 10 specific tactics to avoid filters through proper list building and hygiene, using the right email service to send mail, best practices in creative and copy, how to get whitelisted, and how to get off blacklists.
  • Background data on how filters work, which ISPs use which filters, and how you can reduce the risk of being falsely blocked as a spammer by each system.
  • Math worksheet to determine how much filter mistakes are costing your company today
  • Future trends in filtering -- notes from a closed-door meeting that 50 execs from ISPs, filters and major emailers held in Sept 2003 that may determine the future of permission email delivery.

Want more info? Here's a link to the complete Guide table of contents.

(By the way: yes, you can get your copy of this 84-pageGuide separately or save by purchasing as a package deal with your How-to kit. Either way, you'll be able to download your PDF copy right now to start using it immediately.)

Part 2. Q&A with the experts -- 105-minute audio CD features answers to dozens of tough questions posed by marketers and mailers just like you

Have you had specific trouble with AOL, Hotmail, or one of the other big ISPs? Are you frustrated with your open rates when sending email to the corporate world, and suspect that IT departments may be filtering your mail before executives see it?

Here's your chance to hear George Bilbrey and Jill Keogh, both hands-on experts who do nothing but study filter and delivery problems all day long, give answers to dozens of questions posed by marketers and mailers just like yourself.

Along with the audio CDs, we'll also include a complete typed transcript for your convenience.

Hear George and Jill explain clearly:

  • How to calculate the damage filters do to your own mailings' delivery (includes charts of typical filter rates by ISP and by type of mailer.)
  • Copy rules to obey - and why changing your wording may not keep you safe. Plus, why big consumer mailers can get away with the word "free" in the subject line sometimes.
  • Email design tips - what not to do.
  • How to contact ISPs and build relationships with the people behind the filters. Why do rules constantly change about what email is filtered?
  • Specifics on dealing with AOL - especially AOL 9.0
  • Blacklists - which are the most influential and why business-to-business mailers should worry about them more than business-to-consumer mailers.
  • Your list - why opt-out may hurt your delivery rates; the importance of list cleaning; and what to do if you collect names offline.
  • Broadcast vendors - should you take email in-house, or is that the worst thing you could ever do?
  • Do verification services like Habeas really work? Who should use them?

Your How-to kit is 100% money-back guaranteed

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Consider - if you could get 1/6th more email delivered, how much would you profit from 1/6th more opens, clicks and responses? Get your How-to kit today.

P.S. You'll get a link and password for your 84-page Handbook the minute you order, so you can begin using it today. Then we'll ship you your audio CDs and typed transcript within 24 hours. We ship via your choice of Priority Mail or Fedex. Thanks.

Readers say:

"Our company sends permission marketing based emails to our customers. In the last recent months we have started observing that our readership (open rates) has been going down.

We started getting interested in the SPAM filters and how they worked. We received a copy of the MarketingSherpa's Emailer's Guide to Avoid Filters. We started then a couple of initiatives like paying more attention to challenge response content in our emails and usage of specific words.

We saw the impact almost immediately. In one week our readership increased by 15% and we have maintained this trend since that day which is already 2 months ago."
Alain Tremblay
Bell Canada