Steal A Creative's Idea Today

Inventing is no easy feat; we just have to watch an episode of Dragons Den to appreciate that. 
Remember some of the more, shall we say, interesting ideas?
Mike Carr who entered the den with an idea to solve all Expats driving nightmares. A single glove that you put on your right hand when you travel abroad to remind you to drive on the correct side of the road.
Yes, that’s right. A glove. And for this glove, he wanted £100,000. 
Then there was SuperkneeS. Essentially an ugly pair of rollerskates to strap to your knees to go from one kneeling job to another at high speeds. Erm what?  
But what if these ideas (or maybe some of the better but rejected ones) could be given a new lease of life as food for thought for others. 
Well they can. 
A new website, Ideas To Steal Today, offers just that, Created by Kalle Everland and Timo Klaarenbeek, the site encourages creatives to post their rejected work, with a short explanation and a visual. So all those creatives who poured blood, sweat and tears into their ideas, can now see it put to use. All of the ideas on the website are free to use as long as their new co-owners credit the person who originally posted it. 
There is a huge range of ideas on the site. There’s an App that connects to your Nike Fuel Band but rather than urge you to pick up the pace, it urges you to take it easy, relax and enjoy what’s out there more. 
A website that allows you to look busy for your boss using Excel/photoshop backgrounds while you can actually ‘be busy’ still reading your ebook. 
And even an app that lets you find your keys, with your phone. How has that one not taken off yet? 

Inventing is no easy feat; we just have to watch an episode of Dragons Den to appreciate that. 

Remember some of the more, shall we say, interesting ideas?

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7 Ideas for Creating a Great Social Media Event


Social Media Week returns to London for a fifth year with the theme Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World.

As a platform connecting people, content and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media, it seeks the most forward-thinking agencies, corporations, non-profits, startups and schools to submit their event ideas.

We are looking for the boldest, brightest ways to attract a crowd, so here’s a few pointers to start you off...

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Thinking Digital Conference

Your opportunity to have conversations with the people who create the future. A three-day event jam packed with presentations and performances to delight, provoke and inspire - unleashing a vision of the world as it could be.

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Date: 21 May 2013
Location: The Sage Gateshead, UK

Share your ideas at #smwldn 2012 Brainstorm Session, Thurs 26th July

smwldn brainstorm

To kick start Social Media Week London September 2012 in the most inclusive, collaborative and 'social' way possible, we're sending out an open invite to join us for a Brainstorming Session on Thursday 26th July 2012.

SMWLDN Sept 2012 Brainstorm Session

The aim of the evening is to generate ideas and hopefully help create some inspiration for your SMW involvement. We'll be discussing themes, hubs, topics and events - so get your thinking caps on and come and join in the madness! Make sure you RSVP so we can ensure there are enough chairs for bums & nibblies.

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Thinking Digital Conference 2012

Thinking Digital; a 3 day event drawing exceptional talent from the worlds of tech, media, science & arts. We attract speakers from around the world to share their wisdom & experiences. Speakers in May include Alan Moore, Aimee di Marco, Tom Scott & Kevin Slavin. Guests take part in workshops & many social activities. Follow us @ThinkingDigital

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Date: 29 May 2012
Location: The Sage Gateshead, UK

Simon Says: Supermarkets can do so much more with Social & Technology


Technology is designed to make our lives easier, faster and ultimately more fun.

Tesco is my supermarket of choice. This isn’t because it’s the nearest shop to me. Nor is it because I think they are the cheapest. It might have something to do with the fact I worked for almost all of the other big chain supermarkets in my teens and still have a little grudge about being treated poorly for minimum wage, but I think the main reason I’ll go to Tescos is the clubcard.

At the start of 2011 I purchased my first iPhone. When I got it home I immediately started downloading apps. Once I’d got Angry Birds, Facebook & Twitter I started to search for the more "specific" apps for me. I found the Tesco Clubcard app and moved straight over.

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Simon Says: QR codes are rubbish, use Google Goggles


You love Google.

It's one of those universal tools everyone has a soft spot for. I secretly imagine people who work at Yahoo use it when their boss isn't watching. Who couldn't adore a company who has an unofficial slogan "Don't be evil."

In April 2010 the search giant purchased "PlinkArt." PlinkArt was originally designed to identify works of art once you took a photo of it. The app was one of three winners of the Education/Reference category of the Google ADC2 (Android Developer Challenge 2). Google then purchased them and added the functionality to what we now know as "Google Goggles" - a visual search engine.

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Thinking Digital

Thinking Digital is an annual conference where the world's greatest thinkers and innovators gather to inspire, to entertain, and to discuss the latest ideas and technologies from across the globe.

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Date: 25 May 2010
Location: The Sage Gateshead, UK

How to Sell Good Marketing to Your CEO


Practical advice for everyone who has a tough time getting a CEO to say "Yes!" to marketing, PR and/or advertising budgets or campaigns. Includes insights on how to handle the 8 different CEO-types. Also useful for agencies advising clients.

Do you (or your clients) sometimes have a hard time getting sign-off on new campaign ideas? Does upper management challenge or stonewall your plans?

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