How to Sell Good Marketing to Your CEO


Practical advice for everyone who has a tough time getting a CEO to say "Yes!" to marketing, PR and/or advertising budgets or campaigns. Includes insights on how to handle the 8 different CEO-types. Also useful for agencies advising clients.

Do you (or your clients) sometimes have a hard time getting sign-off on new campaign ideas? Does upper management challenge or stonewall your plans?

MarketingSherpa's report, How to Sell Good Marketing to Your CEO helps you win internal budget battles, and get easier CEO approval for your promotions. Includes profiles of the eight CEO "types" and tips how to pitch them.

-> Table of Contents

Part I: The Typical Marketing Director’s Presentation: Why did the Marketing Director fail to sell his plan? How the Marketing Director finally won? Why did the CEO buy the Marketing Director’s plan?

Part II: The 12-Question CEO Interview (Use Before Your First Presentation)

Part III: A Guide to the 8 CEO Personalities & How to Pitch Your Marketing Ideas to Each
1. Technical -Electronic engineers -Mechanical engineers -Programmers -Scientific and Medical Types -Web Geeks 2. Finance 3. Legal 4. Sales 5. Manufacturing 6. Marketing 7. Mixed Bag 8. The Jerk

-> About the Author, Kristin Zhivago

As a "Hired Gun" Chief Marketing Officer (a consultant who is brought in to turn troubled marketing departments around) Zhivago has advised all eight CEO "types", and seen firsthand why talented marketers at many companies fail to gain the respect they and their plans deserve.

Since founding Zhivago Marketing Partners in 1979, her clients have ranged from technology start-ups tp the Fortune 500, including Dow Jones, IBM, Ameritec, and Navison (Microsoft).

Zhivago has been an invited speaker at many national events, including conferences by The American Marketing Association, the Business Marketing Association, the Software Entrepreneur's Forum, the New Media Expo, and the Intelliquest Brand Tech Forum.

Her articles have appeared in AdWeek's Technology Marketing, BtoB magazine, Sales Advertising Marketing magazine, and Business 2.0.

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