The Social Web Workshop

Event Info

Wed 30 Sep, 2009 from 8:00am - 3:00pm
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Runeberginkatu 2, The Finland Room
Helsinki, 00100, FI (Map)
Cost: €300.00 + €7.50 booking fee


Chances are you've heard of Twitter and Facebook — heck, you no doubt use them on a regular basis! But what is it about these sites that make them tick — and more importantly, that make them so successful? The topic of this six hour, fast-paced and high intensity workshop will start there, but cover much, much more.

Besides providing a foundation on the origins of the social web, we'll cover the latest and most important trends and dive deep into where this is all going, at both technical and conceptual levels. From the concepts of digital identity, relationships, and social objects, we'll cover emerging technologies like OpenID, OAuth, Portable Contacts and Activity Streams, and more.

You will leave the workshop with an integrated, holistic view of how the open social web can be used to reach a wider audience and improve community engagement on your web service.


Part I: Strategies and trends

We will spring off to an energetic start with a high-level overview of the most exciting strategies and trends on the social web. Through real-world examples we'll introduce the building blocks (identity, relationships, activities) and demonstrate successful patterns we've put to use.

Part II: Technical building blocks

After a short break we'll dive into the many technologies that enable the concepts we presented in Part I: internet identity, the social graph, and activity-oriented social websites. Here we'll cover OpenID, OAuth, data portability, social objects, activity streams, PubSubHubbub, and microformats.

Part III: Making it work for you

In the afternoon we'll be ready to pull together the strategies and technologies into hands-on guidelines for architecting a site for social interactions. This includes how to pull in content from third-party websites, syndicating content through feeds, developing APIs, and taking advantage of the Facebook platform and the OpenSocial framework.

There will be opportunities for questions and audience involvement throughout each section.

About the Presenters

Chris Messina co-founded the Flock web browser and led the community marketing of Firefox. He runs Citizen Agency and co-founded San Francisco-based Citizen Space which kicked off the coworking movement. He co-organized the first BarCamp in 2005 and was named one of the Digital Utopians and People Who Populate Web 2.0 by the San Francisco Chronicle. He is a board member of the OpenID and Open Web Foundations, and a frequent speaker at technology conferences such as Web 2.0 Expo. He has been quoted in The New York Times, Business Week, LA Times, MIT Technology Review and Wired. Chris received the 2008 Google Open Source Award in recognition for his work advancing technology initiatives such as Firefox and microformats.

How does Chris Messina always manage to have the best ideas about the most interesting work two years before the rest of us? I have no idea and I don't care. The ability to harness the future for the benefit of others and not simply yourself? That's a cowboy I want to ride with.” —Kevin Smokler, CEO of Booktour

Jyri Engeström co-founded the microblogging service Jaiku, which Google acquired in 2007. He is currently Product Manager at Google, where he has been responsible for areas of Google’s social infrastructure including Google Profiles and Google’s sharing model, and contributed to mobile applications like Calendar, Latitude, and Gmail mobile. Prior to Jaiku, he occupied the position of Senior Product Manager at Nokia, responsible for Nokia’s Internet handhelds products. A sociologist by training, he is noted for coining the term ‘social objects’ to refer to photos, bookmarks, and other shareable web content.

“One of the most visionary and innovative people you will ever meet.” —Peter Wakim, Director, Corporate Venturing, Nokia



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