IAB Social Media Practitioner Programme

Event Info

Mon 19 Apr, 2010 from 9:00am - 11:00am
IAB Offices
14 Macklin Street
London, WC2B 5NF, UK (Map)
Cost: IAB Members/Advertisers - Free, Non-Members - £99+VAT


IAB Social Media Council launches Practitioner certificate to educate new starters.

The IAB Social Media Practitioner Programme is a series of 5 sessions, all 2 hours in length - complete with coursework - designed to turn new starters within the industry into real experts. Social media is a vast, complex and thoroughly diverse space, so we believe that an introduction should be much more than a one-hour presentation. This is why we’re inviting 60 social media beginners to sign up and let us teach them how to become a social media practitioner.

We’ve employed the collective expertise of the IAB Social Media Council - representing media owners, creative, media and social agencies - to help nurture upcoming talent in the industry and provide young workers within the industry with the foundations needed to succeed.

Covering definitions of social media, industry research and all the case studies we can get our hands on, over 5 months our delegates will have all the latest, most practical knowledge at their fingertips. From word of mouth marketing to paid-for advertising, research and measurement to public affairs, this is an essential induction to the social media space.

It’s free for our members and UK advertisers, and every presentation has been created by the Council in association with the IAB.

Who should attend?

  • Junior creative/media agency staff
  • UK marketing/brand managers with modest social media experience
  • Industry-switchers
  • coming from traditional into digital

At the end of the course, having attended each session and successfully completed the relevant assignments, our delegates will graduate as an IAB Social Media Council ‘One to Watch’, provided with a badge to announce their commitment to developing in the industry.

Please note:
-No journalists will be in attendance, and the only write-ups of each event will (hopefully) be from the students.
-There’s no point tweeting at the sessions, because all our delegates will be there to pay attention and learn, rather than heckle each other during the boring bits.
-This series of events isn’t about self-promotion. It’s not about the IAB Social Media Council raising its profile, getting new clients or securing sponsorship for alcohol-fuelled back-slapping networking parties...
-Rather the SMC has a responsibility - as one of the most significant collectives dedicated to social media in Europe - to ensure the industry grows ethically, shunning the hyperbole in favour of teaching those just beginning in the area about the realities of working in social media.

Modules What does it include Date

1. Introduction to social media Definitions of social media, what it entails, the importance of objectives 19 April, 9am – 11am

2. Research and measurement The challenge of measurement in social media, the tools available and how to meaningfully evaluate your campaigns 13 May, 9am – 11am

3. Earned social media Online engagement and WOM Brand & reputation management Customer service 23 June, 9am – 11am

4. Paid-for social media Social media display, planning and buying UGC and crowdsourcing 22 July, 9am – 11am

5. Regulatory affairs and social media Legal, regulatory and privacy issues, and ethical frameworks 12 August, 4pm – 7pm (graduation!)



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