Minibar IC tomorrow app building contest - Briefing event

Event Info

Thu 4 Nov, 2010 from 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Skills Matter
116-120 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP, UK (Map)
Cost: FREE (RSVP required)


On 4th November from 4-8pm at Skills Matter, 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP all developers who are interested in entering our new contest are invited along to a briefing event when the IC tomorrow team will introduce the web platform and provide information on the APIs. During this event developers will also get the chance to ask the team any questions they have. RSVP via our Eventbrite page here.


About the contest MiniBar is looking for developers who will create innovative apps mashing, mixing, streaming, enriching music, pictures and video content from the likes of Sony Music ad Universal.

There is a total of £7,000 up for grabs and the chance to connect with and impress major content providers with your work.

Through this contest ALL entrants will get the opportunity to become part of IC tomorrow testbed environment - a Technology Strategy Board initiative - and get the chance to showcase their inventiveness and build valuable relationships for the future. The goal is to develop applications that make use of the content in an innovative, experimental or simply put, fun way, and to use IC tomorrow as the testing ground to evaluate their potential.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to get your talent recognized.

RSVP for the briefing via this Eventbrite page and also register with our ‘Minibar IC tomorrow App Building Contest’  _connect group by 4th November 2010.

If you would like to find out more about IC tomorrow please read this press release. Also read our recent interview with Chris Jackson, CEO of Metabroadcast and once Head of Strategy at the BBC, who has been working with IC tomorrow since its inception. He tells us about his own experiences being the first to develop an app through the platform, the benefits of taking part in the contest and his hopes for the future of the programme.



Schedule of events 4.00pm: Doors open

4.15pm: Christian Ahlert, Director of Openbusiness and creator of Minibar, will open the event and give an overall introduction to the group about the contest  

4.20pm: Martin Dawe, solution architect and Matt Sansam, Technology Strategy Board IC tomorrow project team member and panel judge, will give an overview of the IC tomorrow web platform

4.45 pm: Chris Jackson, CEO of Metabroadcast and member of the judging panel, will then run through the APIs

5.30pm: Break

6.00pm: Developer Q&A slot

7.00pm: Drinks and pizza

8.00pm: Finish

This event is produced by Openbusiness, creators of MiniBar. For more information please contact infoatopenbusiness [dot] cc


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