Pitchoutwater Meetup

Event Info

Thu 4 Nov, 2010 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Hive at 55
55 Broad Street, 13F
New York, 10022, US (Map)
Cost: Free (RSVP through Meetup)


The next Pitchoutwater Meetup sees 6 foreign firms in web technology / mobile / ecommerce / media present their company and product / service and look for advice / assistance in breaking into the USA.

This event features a combined British / Down Under Invasion theme with 2 or 3 firms from the UK and one each from Australia and New Zealand To keep order we should probably ban all talk of rugby and cricket. We also have a firm from Denmark to mix things up a bit. Here are the firms:

  • Snapr – www.sna.pr (New Zealand) - Cool new photo centric startup from New Zealand. Rowan Wernham
  • QM Codes – www.qmcodes.com (Australia) - Mobile application company that ties the offline world to the online world. Antony McGregor Dey, CEO
  • Zmags- www.zmags.com (Denmark) - Digital publishing platform focused on retailers, marketers and media firms. Jens Karstoft, CEO
  • Waspit - www.waspit.com (UK) - Instant, secure mobile payments. Richard Steggall, CEO
  • Nuji - www.nuji.com (UK) - Social product discovery. Dean Frankhauser, Co-Founder
  • ShoutEm - www.shoutem.com (UK) - Powering mobile communities. Viktor Marohnic, CEO

We hope to see you there. Please sign up to the Meetup group and RSVP there. The event will be chaired by Feargall Kenny, Glenborn Group LLC.


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