Word-of-mouth and viral communications workshops

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Wed 11 Jul, 2012 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
52-53 Russell Square, London
Cost: CIPR members: £175 + VAT; non-members: £235 + VAT


Why is it that some ideas can spread like wildfire, while others languish, are ignored and overlooked? Word-of-mouth is regarded as the most potent marketing communications tool: if others recommend you, it is the best positive message you can enjoy, and you have the equivalent of an unpaid army of sales people working for you.

Yet, most in PR regard word of mouth as something that just happens, a force beyond your control. Wrong. This session highlights how you can manage your word-of-mouth, harness what are called 'memes', and get viral communications working for you – online and offline.

Learn how you can unleash a tidal wave of communications. Pass it on.

CIPR-approved trainer: Andy Green.

Topics include:

  • Understand the DNA of communications
  • How to manage your word-of-mouth
  • Tools to measure your word-of-mouth
  • Your meme triangle
  • How to create, cook and harness potent memes
  • How to make your message 'sticky'
  • What to do in response to a negative meme about you
  • How to manage conspiracy theories
  • How to create, build and use networks
  • How 'spin' is inevitable in communications
  • Sharing examples from the work of Edward Bernays to the latest cutting edge campaigns


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