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Subject: UKNM: Re: Portals and Eyeballs
From: neville clarke
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:11:28 +0100

Hi UKNM folks
Delurking briefly:

1. Is there a definitive definition of a 'portal' somewhere out there?
2. If only all our visitors spent "only" ten minutes (seconds?) on our site!'
3. An eyeball is an eyeball but some eyeballs are female and others are
male, some are old and some are young, some read the FT and others read the

Unattributed Snips follow:

>> >The smart money is pouring into the portals because
>> >that's where ALL the eyeballs are. The portals are
>> >figuring out how to identify and cater to those
>> >eyeballs and it goes far beyond pointing the way.
>> Sure, but how *long* does anyone stay on a portal site? A site may have
>> 20m+ impressions a month but what is that worth when 90% of the traffic
>> only spends 10 minutes on the site? Surely depth of interaction and user
>> loyalty, not just buckets of eyeballs, is a better goal and therefore a
>> route to a better media property?>
Neville Clarke
AIRWISE - The Independent Airport and Air Travel Guide


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