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Subject: UKNM: Response down - but aren't we just growing up?
From: Mike Butcher
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:49:49 GMT

As you'll see below from a new Jupiter report, reponse to marketing email -
whether it's spam or involves some level of targeting - is falling, just as
response to ad banners is gradually falling.

But isn't this just a function of a growing medium? Sure response rates are
falling - but the first ads on TV got much more interest than they do now.
Thoughts anyone?


Direct E-mail - Report Excerpt
Online Advertising Strategies

E-mail as a marketing channel affords cost-effective implementation and better,
quicker response rates than other advertising channels. Unfortunately, as
marketers embrace the medium, consumers are already tuning out to the estimated
1,166 messages per user received in 1998. Jupiter estimates yearly messages
sent to users will nearly double to 1,606 per user per year by 2002.

"With just under one-third of consumers already ignoring e-mail messages from
unfamiliar parties, marketers must focus on motivating recipients to open and
read, not just respond to, direct mail messages," said Marc Johnson, analyst.

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