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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: How much is enough
From: Jamie Unwin
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 19:09:55 GMT

I think it is more the case that if a site is slow people give up (and go do something else !), whereas if a site is fast and responsive, people will stay and browse. I don't think you could put a metric on exactly how long they will browse for (depends how much time they have), just that they won't "give up" (and cut short their browsing).

>If this is the case, then do people have a target for how long users should
>spend per session browsing one of their sites (what's the X-factor ?), and is
>this the best measure of the quality of the content.
>At 4:14 pm +0000 12/2/99, Jim Sterne wrote:
>>Every time they doubled their capacity (both servers and
>>pipes) they doubled their pageviews. They both said that
>>people have a time limit when surfing. People will spend
>>only X minutes at your site and if you can show them 6
>>pages in that X minutes, that's all they'll look at.
>>However, if you can serve up 12 pages in X minutes,
>>they will look at 12 pages.
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  UKNM: Re: How much is enough, Charles Linn

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