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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Journo looking for rentaquotes, or even seriouscomment
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 10:13:34 -0000

> Ray Taylor said:
> > allow me to place an ad that would be seen by over 100 million people
> > throughout the world. The cost would be in the low millions of $s.
> Except that it's not targeted, or at least nowhere near as targeted as
> selecting a television slot.

Ashley was talking about reach, not targeting. If you ran a campaign aimed
at 100m you would be more concerned with reach than targeting.

It is not possible to target terrestrial TV by anything other than
assumptions about probable audience demographic. On the other hand a web
campaign can be targeted down to a list of individual people, knowing actual
demographic details about them. Although of course most web campaigns are
not targeted this way, owing to the persistent confusion between the
established techniques for advertising on TV and the rather newer and
less-well-understood techniques for advertising on the web.

> A more accurate way of looking at it would be to ask whether the ROI
> for online advertising is higher, lower or about the same as the ROI
> for television advertising.

I agree entirely. But might add that in the case of an integrated campaign
using both - and perhaps other - media - one might expect the ROI of a
properly integrated campaign to exceed the total ROI of two entirely
separate campaigns. It works like this:

1. TV campaign highlights brand, evokes interest, desire to buy, etc
2. Some people will hit the web site as a result of 1
3. Other will have forgotten about the offer by the time they get in front
of a screen
4. Web campaign will highlight brand, evoke interest, desire to buy, etc
5. People who have forgotten the TV offer will be reminded by the Web
campaign, hence Web reinforcing the message previously seen on TV
6. Those convinced by the TV ad but too lazy to type in
whatthefckwastheurl.com can click on the banner/button as an alternative
(ask any search engine owner - a lot of people use regularly seen
banners/buttons instead of bookmarks)
7. Web campaign produces massive direct response in its own right
8. Conversion follows direct and indirect paths from both original sources

A web campaign, alone, might produce 4, 7 and 8
A TV campaign, alone, might produce 1, 2 and 8

Put them together and you get the benefit of 5 and 6

Please feel free to cut and paste the above into your powerpoint
presentations. Credit optional, but much appreciated

Ray Taylor
Author: Advertising on the Internet in the UK, KPMG, 1997

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