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Subject: Re: UKNM: Chicken tonight tonight!
From: Ken Cowley
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 11:34:45 +0100

This actually looks like one of those agency tests of a new medium -
equivalent to trying to get an 'off the page' for a new mag to see how it
compares with whatever data they've got to go on for previous publications,
as a sanity check on distribution and readership claims. The PR to be first
out of the traps is a great bonus (for the agency, probably).

You can't get more basic than 'press a button and you'll get a brochure'.
This is a cheap way to test it out versus response rates for other stuff on
'proper' TV - phone in on 0800, send an SAE, whatever. After all interacting
isn't new - only the mode of interaction (click rather than dial). I'd have
thought you'd want such a baseline before trying anything more elaborate
like an interactive mortgage calculator or whatever cunning stunts HHCL can
think up for Tango.

Chicken Tonite is a great medium for this as it's theoretically a true mass
market thang and wouldn't narrow the sample right down to 'those members of
the audience for digital who are contemplating buying a car right now' which
is where you'd get to if you tried a more 'sophisticated' example. The
reaction to interactive, one presumes, is going to be similar to DM, i.e.
[proposition] x [relevance at the time] (why you get mailed the same
proposition again and again).

What was the rate for this ad is a more interesting question - are TV
channels going to accept the rod for their own backs that is 'per mil click

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Subject: Re: UKNM: Chicken tonight tonight!

> At 4:10 pm +0100 on 28/3/00, Georgia Cameron-Clarke wrote:
> >Yes, biggish news story on Today programme. PRs rang to see if I'd run
> >No way, I'm not doing an ad for their ad. It's a shame that it
> >ads begin with...Chicken Tonight (should that be Tonite?). Apparently you
> >can order some crummy recipe booklet by pressing a button on your remote
> >control. Spectacularly underwhelming. I mean, really, Chicken Tonight.
> >Hurry up future, I'm sure there's better to come.
> It does seem that companies are embracing the
> Internet/e-commerce/digital TV/WAP/whatever mainly as a PR
> opportunity rather than as a piece of marketing in itself, which is
> really sad.
> Quite often you'll see a URL or read some
> press-release-dressed-as-story, and you go to the site, and it's a
> complete sham. Things either don't work, are "coming soon", or have
> been so obviously rushed to market.
> That's just old media and marketing leeching off new media.
> c.
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  Re: UKNM: Chicken tonight tonight!, Chris Heathcote

  Re: UKNM: Chicken tonight tonight!, Chris Heathcote

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