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Subject: Re: UKNM: Introduction
From: Sean Clark
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 15:26:03 +0100

>I have used Webtrands for the past year - finding it an excellent tool for
>our own site and our clients internet and intranet sites.

Personally, I am starting to move away from 'generic' stats analyis
packages like WebTrends to more in the way of custom solutions. For
example, with a major banking client we set up a logging system that
recorded how often a re[ayment calculator was used, what values were
entered and how many times an individual used it. We then presented an
summarised version of this each month rather than an ellaborate WebTrends
analysis. As far as this client was concerned these figures were much
more useful than how many times page X or graphic Y was used.

Similarly, with a recent e-commerce site we have set up a system which
logs site visits, number of 'shopping baskets' created, amount of each
order and so on. This give really clear information on the site's
performance, to the extent that we rarely look at the normal Web server

This approach may not be right for you, but I reckon it's still worth
thinking seriously about what other - more useful - information you might
be able to log via your site, rather than simply recording site hits.



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