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Subject: Re: UKNM: Unsolicited Email
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 08:23:51 +0100

From: Charles Meaden <cmeadenatdigitalnation [dot] co [dot] uk>
> Ideally your client should change all the forms on their web site, so
> that people have the chance to opt in.
> However in the meantime, they should do the following when they
> send out any mailings
> 1) Let the recipient know how to unsubscribe from any mailing
> 2) Let the recipient how their address was obtained.
> Both of these should be promiently displayed at the top of any
> mailing

Wouldn't hurt, either, to show the company's human side

Something like:

OOPS! Recently you filled out a form on our site at www.???.co.uk. We have
just discovered that the 'I don't want any more information' option button
was missing (apparently it had taken the week off to visit relatives in
Scunthorpe). The end result is we now have a list of people who have shown
interest in our company, BUT have no idea who wants to know more about our
widgets by email and who doesn't. If you do not wish to receive any more
mailings regarding our fabulous free-rotating widgets, simply reply to this
email with the word 'REMOVE' in the subject header. Thanks.


Tim Ireland
Senior Copywriter
Email: timatdesignercity [dot] com
URL: http://www.designercity.com
Have it your way @ www.funmail.co.uk

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