ME—004: Landing Page Optimization for Ecommerce

Price: $995
You’ll learn proven techniques including:
  • How to prioritize messages and optimize your own landing pages
  • How to develop a motivating value proposition
  • How to reduce friction and motivate page visitors to move forward and take action

  • Increase your conversion rate by making simple changes to your landing pages and order process – we’ll show you how. In this seven session online course, you’ll examine real case studies from the research we’ve conducted and review the actual tests that brought an increase in conversion of 1158%. The $995 cost of the course is often recovered before all sessions are completed. Our students report immediate results from the testing and optimization techniques they learn in our courses and apply to their own landing pages.

    7 Vital Things you will learn:
    • A patented conversion formula designed for use in prioritizing and optimizing your own landing pages
    • How to develop a value proposition to motivate your page visitors
    • How to reduce friction and motivate page visitors to move forward and take action
    • How to increase page relevance and reduce visitor anxiety
    • How to design landing pages to hold and engage the attention of your readers
    • How to test and track metrics and analyze results to make further improvements
    • The process and taxonomy of testing
    7 Sessions to Increased Conversion:

    The course will be delivered in seven separate sessions, each focused on a core aspect of landing page optimization.
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    In addition to online lectures, you will have full access to all the course materials through a password-protected site, and will always be able to depend on receiving our individual attention as and when you need it.