Advanced Drupal Development with Features (Drupal Training)

This Drupal training course gives advanced practical advice on the tools you need for a more effective development. Organise site development in a modular way with Features and Code-Driven Development, enabling team collaboration, reusable code and precise traceability of changes.

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Date: 14 July 2011
Location: Baker Tilly, UK

UK UPA Careers event - 'Speed dating': how to find your perfect partner

This event will offer a forum where usability employers and candidates can meet and network and an opportunity for Professional Development through our UX Booths.

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Date: 16 June 2011
Location: Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf, UK

Employment in Digital: Fundamental issues you can’t afford to ignore

This session is designed to provide attendees with a practical insight into fundamental employment issues you can’t afford to ignore.

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Date: 9 June 2011
Location: Crayon, UK

The Social Media Job Hunt: Gen Y Likes Facebook Whilst Gen X Prefers Linkedin (Infographic)

Kelly Global Workforce Index Infographic

The world of work, or rather the search for work, is under-going a revolution at the hands of social media. A recent study, Kelly Global Workforce Index, shows one in 5 of US respondents are using social media for their job hunt (see below for infographic).

The recruitment landscape is still dominated by online jobs boards, with word of mouth mouth, recruitment agencies and direct approaches proving the most widely used methods.

Whilst only 1% of the survey respondents found their jobs through social media (the survey ran Oct '10 to Jan '11), this looks set to change, with 24% of respondents searching for jobs using social media.

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Silicon Milkroundabout: London's Tech Start-ups Join Together To Drive Recruitment

Wanted Posters

London's Tech Start-ups have banded together to better compete against big banks and huge recruiting budgets.

Job opportunities for computer science graduates and experienced software developers looking for their next career move, should not be limited to corporate banks or consultancies anymore, London's tech start-up community say.

The Silicon Milkroundabout event will try to stop the brain-drain of skilled software developers to big corporations by highlighting the opportunities and benefits of working for innovative, entrepreneurial businesses.

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Silicon Milkroundabout

Silicon Milkroundabout will see 30 of London’s most respected tech start-ups offer a total of 100 jobs to software developers on Sunday May 15th in London’s East End.

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Date: 15 May 2011
Location: Bar Music Halll, UK

Students: Facebook Might Be Good for Your Social Life, But Bad for Your Pocket

Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Facebook and students: A happy marriage, or a receipe for disaster?

As you'd expect, the answer isn't so simple. A study and rather lovely infographic (see below) produced by ponders this question from several different viewpoints.

As those tied to email all day can testify distractions hurt productivity, and the same is true when studying. Unsurprisingly, flicking between Facebook and studying results in 20% lower grades. Sound obvious? Turns out 79% of students don't believe it.

They're also less likely to be paying their way whilst studying, with Facebook user's working less than 5 hours per week, whilst their social-media-phobic counterparts clocking in an impressive 16 hours per week. Still, that's what student loans are for, right?

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Mixing Digital with Dinner: Tips from 35,000 Ft

Virgin Atlantic's Social Media and Digital Policy.Claire Higgins is joining us for dinner to share her views and advice on vtravelled's social media strategy and their plans to connect with customers at 35,000 feet.

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Date: 11 May 2011
Location: Ristorante Biagio, UK

Digital Sparks: Technology for Publishers

Digital Sparks has been conceived to provide a focussed event for an invited audience of publisher and media owner decision-makers to hear directly from a handful of innovative technology providers alongside keynote speaker insights.

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Date: 29 June 2011
Location: Bureau Private Members Club, UK

Linkedin Workshop London

Programme 1 – Learn how to build an effective profile 2 – Learn how to leverage your network 3 – Learn how to look for people and information and increase your reputation 4 – Key features on LinkedIn and real-life cases

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Date: 24 May 2011
Location: BPI, UK

Find Your Ninja Project

Following the success of our 'Off-line Job Board', where development teams can talk about new positions on their teams and developers (and agilists, testers, architects) can announce their availability, Skills Matter and MiniBar have joined up to see if we can take the idea of 'jobs for and by developers' further.

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Date: 5 May 2011
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, London, UK

10 Tips to Ace that Phone Interview

kiwanja_kenya_calling_16 by Ken Banks,

When it comes to telephone interviews you'd think that something as simple as talking on the phone would be easy but with a lack of visual signals and having to rely just on auditory feedback it's difficult to stay focussed. They can be tricky things.

We've put together a few pointers to get you in the right frame of mind before taking that career-changing call:

  1. First off it would be helpful to record a mock interview so you can detect any little niggling things that could work against you. You'll be able to hear any "ums", "uhs" "ehs" that you might not realise you're doing.

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Apprenticeship Scheme Launches for Creative & Digital Industry


Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships offer a great way to harness fresh new talent that understands the digital world.  They provide £10k worth of industry designed training, professional development  and up skilling of existing or new staff across a 12 month period and at no cost to your company (excluding the wage that you pay them).

Many employers are taking on apprentices to help support project delivery, build and run their websites, develop social marketing strategy and run events.

Following on from our recent launch of the Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships at Apple’s headquarters we have a further 20 free and fully funded apprenticeships available to employers now.

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Time for a Change? Take a look at our Featured Jobs...


If you're in the mood for a change or want to try a new direction, this is the place to be.  Below are some of our Featured Jobs, if nothing takes your fancy, there are plenty more opportunities to be found on Chinwag Jobs.  Happy hunting!

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Linkedin Workshop London

Do you want to learn how to use Linkedin for you and your Business? We have been running this workshop since 2009 and got dozens of feedbacks.

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Date: 16 February 2011
Location: BPI, UK