The Great Google Job Experiment, Pay Per Career Keyword Advertising

The Great Google Job ExperimentGetting that dream job, sometimes requires more than a straight-forward job hunt, application and nailing the interview.

As an extension of a marketing discipline, it's all about understanding your audience and targeting them with an effective campaign. That's exactly what Alec Brownstein did using ingenuity and the grand total of $6 on Google Adwords.

The result? A gig at Y&R New York. Here's how he did it...

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Ale 2.0 House Party

Ale 2.0 is a meet up for people who work in digital who like real ale (and other drinks) We meet up once a month to talk about the digital comings and goings of the moment and to drink the best ale on the planet.

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Date: 3 June 2010
Location: Porterhouse, UK

Pixels at Dawn 2

D&AD and Ravensbourne invite you to Pixels at Dawn Two: A pub debate. The guns are drawn (again), as we look further into the world of convergence between advertising, design and broadcast industries.

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Date: 11 May 2010
Location: Rich Mix, UK

Job Interview Questions to Ask A Start-up

Interview Flickr image

If you're interviewing with a start-up, in digital there are thousands, there are a whole bunch of interview questions you should ask.

It's not just a chance to make yourself sound smart, but to find out if the company who are interviewing you are going steady, not just in the financial sense.

It's something you'll want to know before you commit yourself.

Interviewing; it's just like dating.

Things like burn rate, financial backing and their current profit/loss situation should all be subtly investigated.  Here's our list of the top questions to ask in a start-up job interview:

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Social Media Mentions Absent From CVs

Cool Blog Social job offer tshirt FlickrAs brands steadily move into social media and online PR Facebook and Twitter et al are no longer dirty words in the office.

But it's applicants who are missing a trick. A random CV sample by digital recruitment firm Major Players has found that social media mentions are missing in the majority of applications.

The survey sampled 4,500 CVs over the last two years. Only 6% referenced social media, 9% mentioned Twitter, a tiny 2% talked about blogging and only 13% included Facebook (often only highlighted in the interests section).

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Help Wanted: Chinwag Needs an Office Administrator

Chinwag Door SignChinwag's street cred has just taken a dip, with the news that the lovely Juliet is leaving our ranks to concentrate on her totally wicked music blog/A&R project, (see earlier street cred reference)

We're going to miss her lots, especially her exasperated look, when I try and make a convincing argument that The Thompson Twins were the hipsters of their time, or cite the artistic merits of Girls Aloud. 

This also means we're on the hunt for a new member of the Chinwag team. It's a part-time role, that requires that special blend of organisation, efficiency, unflappability, brain power and occasional banter.

Working with our little gang, this person will be a critical part of keeping our multitudinous projects including, Chinwag Jobs, Digital Missions and lots more running smoothly.

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Channel 4 Launches Paid Internships

Channel 4 by James CridlandHot on the heels of our recent summary of juicy intern roles, news reaches Chinwag Towers from Channel 4 of their Generation Next Programme.

Focusing on potential rather than age, skills or qualifications, seven lucky interns will get an in-depth ten week placement,

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Digital Internships & Work Placements Summer Round-up

Daffodils in Nowton Park by Andrew StawarzSpring has sprung. Even the plant life inside Chinwag Towers is showing signs of life despite its usual mistreatment.

It's also the time of the year when soon-to-be graduates, and those about to embark on their gap year start the hunt for a worthwhile pursuit to fill the coming months.

Following our call for internships and work placements a few weeks back, here's a round-up of the response we got. For enterprising souls, there's certainly plenty of experience to be gained at some great digital companies, check out the list of available placements: 

This list was put together purely as a rough'n'ready trial, it's a list of internships and work placements only. If you're looking for a full-time or freelance role, check out the full listings on our sister site, Chinwag Jobs (hint: there's a list of the latest and greatest to your right-hand side).

We'd also love to hear from employers and interns on their experiences, so do leave a comment or drop us a line. It's always good to get a steer on the state of the industry, both good and bad.

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Sussex Internship Programme

To apply please visit the Sussex Internship Programme website where you can register and upload your CV or email for further details.

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Date: 27 April 2010
Location: Wired Sussex, UK

2010 Social Media In Recruitment Conference

The second Social Media In Recruitment Conference will take place in London on Thursday, 22nd April 2010 at the British Library Conference Centre. The conference has been programmed to help Recruiters get the most from using Social Media as part of an ongoing Online Recruitment strategy.

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Date: 22 April 2010
Location: British Library Conference Centre, UK

Sussex Internship Programme

40 Internship opportunities now live for applications by 28th March 2010. Placements including Web development, design and marketing roles with Sussex based Media Companies including UpFront Design Charanga, Chichester design, Cloud data, Dharmafly, Regency Town house and Zeroh. Full details at

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Date: 23 March 2010
Location: Sussex, UK

UX People Event Supports User Experience, Information Architects & Usability Community

UPA's Designing the user experience poster up on creative wall by Rob EnslinCompiling Chinwag's digital events listings is a great way to see the huge number of events supporting all aspects of the digital industry. One discipline under-represented is UX (user experience to the uninitiated).

So, when Nick Cochrane from Zebra People, got in touch about their new event UX People (22nd March), designed specifically to support people working in the user experience field, our ears pricked up and we asked him for more info...

What is UX People?
UX PeopleUX People is a new, one-day user experience conference which will be held in London on March 22, 2010. It is a unique day of presentations and workshops designed for UX professionals. Attendees will develop practical knowledge and new techniques which they can implement in the workplace the very next day.

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UPA User Experience Careers & Networking Event

The UK UPA is hosting a Careers & Networking event on Thursday 25th February 2010 aimed at bringing together User Experience agencies, industry, practitioners and recruiters.

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Date: 25 February 2010
Location: RSA (Use entrance on The Strand), UK

Wired Sussex Media Jobs + Skills Fair

Looking to start or accelerate a career in media, want to go freelance or just had enough of commuting :The Wired Sussex Media Jobs + Skills Fair is free to register with over 20 recruiting companies, industry advise, keynote speech by BBC TV’s Virtual Revolution's Aleks Krotoski and information on the Sussex Internship programme

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Date: 4 March 2010
Location: Wired Sussex Media Jobs + Skills Fair, Corn Exchange, UK

Gathering List of Digital Internships & Work Placements

@geekyouup's desk @mippin by whatleydudeLast week, a student on the hunt for work experience, posted to Chinwag's uk-design email discussion list:

"I am looking to do a web dev / usability / UX type internship but the results of my search thus far have been disappointing. Most of the places I have been in touch with seem to want a general office bod who will do menial tasks for free under the guise of "work experience". I'm aware that most of these positions are unpaid, and I'm happy to do that, as long as I'm learning something along the way.

Fortunately, the good folks on the uk-design list responded en masse and we later heard that she'd found a suitable spot in under 24 hours. What followed, was a flurry of firms asking for interns.

We're big fans of intern programmes at Chinwag and have had a few successful candidates pass through Chinwag Towers. Seeing such a strong interest, we've decided to gather the information together, and summarise in a blog post, or something more industrial, if necessary.

If your firm, or you know people looking for real interns and not just office juniors, please do get them to fill out the form below.

There's some exciting positions that have been added already from the likes of Pharmiweb and Adidas, so add yours. We'll leave the form open for a few days.

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