Help Wanted: Chinwag Needs an Office Administrator

Chinwag Door SignChinwag's street cred has just taken a dip, with the news that the lovely Juliet is leaving our ranks to concentrate on her totally wicked music blog/A&R project, (see earlier street cred reference)

We're going to miss her lots, especially her exasperated look, when I try and make a convincing argument that The Thompson Twins were the hipsters of their time, or cite the artistic merits of Girls Aloud. 

This also means we're on the hunt for a new member of the Chinwag team. It's a part-time role, that requires that special blend of organisation, efficiency, unflappability, brain power and occasional banter.

Working with our little gang, this person will be a critical part of keeping our multitudinous projects including, Chinwag Jobs, Digital Missions and lots more running smoothly.

Want everyone in an office to think you're the best thing since sliced bread? This could be a great opportunity. It's a challenging role with plenty to wrap your head around and a chance to make a big difference to a small company. We're always open to ideas.

For the job info and to apply, swing on over to Chinwag Jobs (where else?) for the low-down.

// Chinwag Office Administrator Vacancy