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Why Are We Upset With Facebook?

upset by daniel zimmel

Ok. So Facebook messed with our mojo and never told us about it.

If you’ve been living under a rock – or at Glastonbury – for the past few days, you might be forgiven for having missed the breaking news that Facebook conducted an experiment for one week in 2012, skewing nearly 700,000 users’ newsfeeds to be either happier or sadder than normal by making some sneaky adaptations to its algorithm.

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Toppling Taboos (And Winning) Online

'I wish I had breast cancer'.

As slogans go, it was risky. But in terms of raising awareness (of pancreatic cancer), it was absolute genius.

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Is Social Media Killing Our Kids’ Creativity?

Kids on calls

A recent survey revealed that one in 10 children have a mobile phone before the age of 5. Five years old!

The reasons behind this are perhaps obvious, but what does this early exposure to digital do to a developing imagination?

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Spite vs Spirit In Social Media

Stop Sign

The death of Hannah Smith, a young girl apparently driven to suicide by anonymous bullying on, is the latest tragedy in a list of ‘Deaths Caused by Social Media’.

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