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Amy Wilson

I'm Marketing Manager for Sift Digital, an agency specialising in online engagement, particularly in the not for profit sector.  I'm interested in digital innovation, clever campaigning and useful solutions.  Follow me on Twitter - @rogueowlet and visit Sift Digital to find out more about us.

22 Vine and Instagram Ideas

Instagram and Vine

Really clever things are happening on Vine and Instagram, two free social apps that ask us to communicate through images. Sift's Digital Engagement Manager, Elena Goodrum asks:

How can not-for-profits make the most of them?

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What is This User Experience Thing?

What is this UX thing? Click to view entire comic

User Experience, aka 'UX', is talked about a lot within the web development world, yet I speak to many people who are still unsure of what it actually is.

I tasked my colleague Bonny with coming up with a simple explanation of what UX is and why it's important.  Her response came in the form of a comic.  It's pretty good!  I wanted to share it here to see if anyone else would find it useful too.

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