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Luke is Head of Insight at Voxburner. Luke's job is to share insights, ideas and advice with readers in order to help them plan more effective youth marketing campaigns.

16-24s Not Concerned About Virus Protection On Their Mobiles

Four in every five mobile phone owners leave their devices undefended.

That's the stark message from a new report by Voxburner, showing that only 19% of 16-24s use security software.

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The UK's Top Youth Brands According to 18-24s

youth 100

A list of the top brands that 18-24s love has been revealed by The Beans Group. The results are the output of a month-long research project, The Youth 100. We asked young people to reveal their sentiment towards brands across industries ranging from technology, fashion and entertainment to retail, travel, finance and more.

Over 1,000 18-24s gave their views. We used an online survey to measure sentiment, and followed it up with focus groups.

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Youth Marketing and Digital: 6 New Stats That May Impact Your Plans

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youth insight report

At the recent Youth Marketing Strategy summit in London (Chinwag was a media partner - thanks Chinwag) I previewed some interesting new findings from our newly-published Youth Insight Report. These findings were based on research in April and May looking at the aspirations, attitudes and habits of UK 16-24s. We received around 1,700 responses to our survey.

These insights were broad, so here for the benefit of digital-biased marketers I've pulled out six fresh stats that relate only to digital...

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