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Dr KF Lai is co-founder & CEO of BuzzCity, using his entrepreneurial skills to spearhead BuzzCity’s strategy and leading the company’s engineering, product management & technology groups. The BuzzCity network serves more than 0.5 billion ads to more than 6.5m UK mobile surfers each month. Click for more info.

Light Year? Not For Buzz

Mobile Phone

It’s been busy. BuzzCity opened its first UK office and has just released the latest quarterly report on trends in the mobile advertising industry.

It shows that 74% of consumers use mobile for last-minute purchases, tapping into the ease with which products can be researched and compared online. Mobile vouchers and QR codes also play a role in linking the online and offline worlds.

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Shop on the Hop: Mobile Commerce To Boom in 2013


Consumer confidence in mobile shopping is at an all-time high, with the majority of shoppers planning to buy Christmas gifts on their phones - 73% of whom have not done so before. Is this global phenomenon here to stay and what are the opportunities for forward-thinking advertisers?

As well as consumer trust in mobile shopping growing, around one in three customers are planning on spending over half of their festive budget via mobile, avoiding the traditional Christmas crush in favour of shopping on their own terms.

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