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Kay Hammond is the CEO of TAMBA, a multi-award-winning social media, viral and digital marketing agency in London and Staffordshire. Kay was named Engineering / Technology Woman of the Year 2011 in the Network of Aspiring Women Awards, a prestigious awards scheme for women in business. TAMBA was awarded Social Media Agency of the Year 2011 at the COGS Awards, a joint scheme between the Institute of Promotional Marketing and Promotional Marketing Magazine.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Individual is Better Than Exclusive: Why Luxury Brands Should Embrace Social Media

luxury brand

The terms “Luxury” and “Exclusivity” are often used, if not interchangeably, then at least with a high degree of overlap. Social networks, on the other hand, are all about openness and sharing. Shouldn’t luxury brands shun social marketing?

The experience of luxury brands like Tiffany & Co and Burberry suggest otherwise: social and mobile marketing have paid enormous dividends for both of those brands, so why the apparent contradiction?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Interest in Pinterest : What marketers need to know about this popular social media channel

pinterest infographic

You may have heard some of the buzz about Pinterest, one of the newest social networks on the block, but you might not know how much of this excitement is warranted, and how much is pure hype.

Suffice to say, in the history of social networks, never has a service risen so far, so fast; and never has a social network started to deliver lucrative customers to business so quickly. Read on to understand how Pinterest can help your brand.

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