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Subject: UKNM: Yalplay - good follow up
From: Cosmo.Roe
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 09:12:13 +0100

Following the message I posted last week in which I criticised the standard
of service provided by iMVS, I should let you know that I was contacted by
Emma Jones, Sales and Marketing Manager of Yalplay. Hers was an excellent
email and has gone some way to reassuring me that iMVS does take its
customer support network seriously. Credit where it is due....

I was also contacted by Ian Tester at Boo.com regarding my complaint that
their current frontpage doesn't work if the user is behind a firewall. He
assures me that they will be launching a lite site. Why not a lite front
page though? While I took his point about their core market being shockwave
friendly, I still maintain that it is vital that customers are not
alienated while the technology on their pc catches up.

Both replies, especially Emma's, showed that both companies are on the ball
- though it took exposure on an industry noticeboard to address the
problems. What about the average user who doesn't use UKNM?


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