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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #28
From: Danny Sullivan
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:47:10 +0100

> On a more serious note any feedback on Real Name Addresses - view
> Alta Vista to find out more. Q would you buy one for your clients
> ????

Sure, because of a nice backdoor with AltaVista that means that you
could pick up some good traffic for generic terms. I've just done a
whole writeup on this:


> Unless I am very much mistaken, Netscape are planning something
> very similar to Real Names in the version 5 browser. Are people
> going to commit money in the interim period whilst competing
> systems are in place? Or is the fear that your competitors might
> filch your name greater?

My understanding is that Netscape is actually going to direct generic
searches to appropriate places within its revamped "portal" web site,
then after that, direct non selected names to its search engine or
those promoted on the Netscape Net Search page. It's not the same
thing as Real Name, though they may very well decided to do this

> Actually, Netscape is incorporating Real Names into 5, not it's
> own system.

No, that's definitely not the case, last I was told. Real Name wants
that to happen, but no annoucement of that sort was made.

Mike Bracken had a nice article on the whole Real Name system a few
months ago -- is it going online anywhere, Mike?


Danny Sullivan, dannyatcalafia [dot] com
Calafia Consulting, http://calafia.com/
>From UK: (0181) 446-0443
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