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Subject: RE: UKNM: Wasting time on tenders
From: Anil Pillai
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 16:02:18 +0100


I have had experience of this in the past. We were invited to pitch to a
leading brand and after what I thought was an excellent proposal were given
the cold shoulder treatment. After a little insider investigation it was
later revealed that the agency commissioned for the job were chosen way
before the invitation for tender was put out.

This is always annoying for the agencies who are duped into spending
resources and wasting valuable time on a proposal. My guess is that some
companies already know who they will choose and for political and personal
reasons carry on as if they didn't. Of course this means they can take
on-board a whole range of free advice and consultation, whilst making the
decison-making process appear that much more democratic.

I'm not really sure what the (victim) agency can do in the end. Knowing
someone on the inside is always a help I feel!


Anil Pillai
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> Subject: UKNM: Wasting time on tenders
> We've recently tendered for a project being offered by a major
> appliances manufacturer. Having discovered that we hadn't been
> successful I called the contact to ask why. After some fairly
> un-convincing guff he revealed that the contract had already been
> awarded - get this - before the purchasing department had released the
> tender.
> A total waste of time (not billable!) and effort. The company is now on
> our black-list.
> Does anyone else have any similar experiences? Perhaps we could exchange
> notes.
> Chris Dickens
> Client Services Director
> Module Communications Group Ltd
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