The Psychology of Online Influence

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Thu 16 Feb, 2012 from 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Design Council
34 Bow Street
London, WC2E 7DL, UK (Map)
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Commercial indexes of influence such as Peer Index, Klout, KRED are surging in popularity as big data and algorithms are put to work providing predictive analysis and business insight. At the intersection of the worlds of psychology and marketing, a new discipline is emerging that analyses behaviour and provides actionable insight for forward-looking marketers. This session brings together leading experts in the field to share their insight.


12.30pm - Buffet lunch & networking

1pm - Session starts
- Chair’s introduction
- Presentations
- Panel discussion
- Audience Q&A

2pm - Session wrap-up

2.15pm Session close


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Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist
In this presentation we'll be exploring exciting new insights from the fields of neuropsychology and neuroaesthetics, and discovering how we can apply this knowledge to influence and communicate persuasively online. 

David Stillwell, Cambridge Personality Research
myPersonality has collected over 6 million psychological and behavioural profiles from users of its Facebook app. We can find what well-connected Facebook users like (Tiger Woods: 428 friends, Ralph Lauren: 391 friends), and what marks out solitary users (Nightwish: 204 friends, World of Warcraft: 173 friends). Marketers can use this to target those most likely to be important in the network.


Nathalie NahaiNathalie Nahai
 The Web Psychologist (@TheWebPsych)

Nathalie is pioneering the new field of Web Psychology, which studies the effects of (and interactions between) our digital environment and our social and cognitive processes. Currently writing a book on the Secrets of Online Influence for Pearson, Nathalie consults with businesses to increase their profit, reputation and client base online.

David Stillwell

David Stillwell
Science Director, Cambridge Personality Research (@david_stillwell)

Individuals are unique combinations of relatively few dimensions, which a personality test can measure in as little as 2 minutes. The myPersonality Facebook application I developed 4 years ago has measured the personality of over 6 million users. My academic research at the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre examines this unprecedented dataset in order to understand the links between personality and behaviour. Commercially I bring the results to marketers through Cambridge Personality Research - - which developed Preference Tool to bring psychological insights to advertising.

Martin TalksMartin Talks
President, Digital, Draft FCB (@talksy)

Martin Talks is a serial entrepreneur who has floated a shares company on the London Stock Exchange and recently sold his agency Blue Barracuda to Draftfcb. He is now Global Digital Lead for the Draftfcb Group of companies and has already launched a new digital agency in Dubai. He curates a website on the increasing merger between Man and Machine and hopes on day to be a robot. He regularly speaks at conferences and events.

Martin Talks, President, Digital, Draft FCB (@talksy)

Benjamin EllisChair: Benjamin Ellis
Co-Founder, SocialOptic (@benjaminellis)

Social technologist and serial entrepreneur Benjamin Ellis has worked in the on-line world since the mid 1980′s. He has worked with companies including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks in Silicon Valley, and on projects with Microsoft, IBM and Motorola. After more than two decades working at the leading edge of technology, Benjamin is still passionate about what it can achieve, particularly at the intersections between people, communication and software. He is mainly known for his roles at Redcatco(blog) and SocialOptic (blog), and his support for start ups and growing UK digital businesses – predominately though the Digital Mission with Chinwag and the UKTI.He makes the occasional appearance on Radio and TV, explaining the way that technology is changing the how businesses work, and also contributes to a number of blogs and print publications. Benjamin is also active in the academic domain as both a researcher and student.

Azeem AzharAzeem Azhar
Founder, Peer Index (@azeem)


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