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Subject: Re: UKNM: Internet advertising for food or drink brands.
From: azeem azhar, lists
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 15:12:17 +0100

>The key distinction is between "having a Web site" and "advertising online".
>It's the same distinction as between "publishing a magazine" and "advertising
>in magazines".

Absolutely, or the difference between having a Web site and Having a Web

>There are very few reasons why an FMCG brand should bother with a Web site of
>its own any more than it should bother publishing its own magazine or
>operating its own TV channel. If they do invest in their own Web site (and we
>all know that this will be a continually growing investment!) then they have
>to invest further in advertising for that Web site in order to attract traffic
>to it. Which seems mad when presumably they should be investing their
>advertising budget in encouraging people to buy their product in the shops,
>rather than to visit a Web site.

And this becomes a horrible viscous circle.

An FMCG business runs an operation way outside of its core business, spends
loads of money and does it wrong. (Which parents would go to
www.pampers.com rather than www.parentsoup.com or a parents mailing list on
egroups or topica?)

It's hard enough creating a good successful site if you are a specialist
(e.g. a media company). How hard it

See http://azeem.azhar.co.uk/presentations/981207fmcg/ for more information
on = FMCG/online. Quite basic, I'm afraid but moderately interesting.

And banners to drive site traffic v. expensive. If your conversion rate is
2% (i.e one in fifty people arriving at your site buys goods), then banners
work out at around $300 a sale.


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