RSVP for Women in Games Mixer, Oct 23rd, London

Women in Games, a network of women united in their passion for games, announces its first WIG Mixer as part of the London Games Festival Fringe. The networking event is Tuesday October 23rd from 6:00 to 9:00 pm held at Central St Martins Innovation Centre. Admission is free and requires an advance RSVP.

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Get Your Mitts on an Xbox - Chinwag Jobs Prize Draw

Much attention in the office is being focused on the shiny new Xbox 360, complete with extra control pad and games that's sitting in the corner of the office. Sadly for the Chinwag crew, it's destined for a lucky entrant to a Chinwag Jobs prize draw.

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Widgets - My Punt at a Definition

The Chinwag massive was out and about yesterday, firstly taking in a Chinwag Live 'On  Tour' session at ad:tech London, followed by a swift beverage across the road with friends, colleagues, contacts and exhausted exhibitors from the show.

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Chinwag Groups on Facebook and now LinkedIn

In a fit of configuration and setting this up, we've created a new group for Chinwaggers on LinkedIn. This comes hot on the heels of the Facebook group, which has been a handy way of keeping people in touch with the latest happenings at Chinwag Towers.

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Whilst Facebook Grabs No. 1, Perfspot Nudges Into View

Interesting to see that the social network frenzy continues unabated. So, Facebook finally grabs the UK's No. 1 social media slot from Myspace.

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Lost in the river of music?

Here's a question to set your Friday synapses firing.

Is living in the post-scarcity world of ubiquitous digital content actually *bad* for us? Now maybe it's just me, but isn't this your curmudgeonly grandad speaking?

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Chinwag Live Web TV Takeover stirs up debate

There's nothing like a good debate to rattle the cages.

Our Chinwag Live panel discussion last week Web TV Takeover seemed to work in that regard, and the coverage is mounting up.

The event itself was pretty fiesty even by Chinwag's past standards - as you'll see from the opinions and highlights recounted in the blogposts below.

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Chinwag Group on LinkedIn: Even More Social

Getting anything done when you work "on the web" is pretty tricky these days. Well, apologies in advance for adding to the virtual social whirl that so many of the Chinwag massive inhabit.

// more vs - Alexa Graph - Sep 2007 vs - Alexa Graph - Sep 2007Alexa graph showing the massive growth of Facebook since opening its platform in Sep 2006.

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Tickets for Full-Day iDesign Conference Up For Grabs

The generous folks at NMK who are sponsoring the uk-netmarketing and uk-design email discussion lists have managed to snaffle 4 tickets (worth £55 each) for Chinwag subscribers.

All you need to do is email [email protected] with your name, email address and phone number to get entered into the draw.

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Everyone's Talking Facebook - Sam on Radio 5 & Radio 1

Ever since Facebook announced that they're opening up basic profile information to non-Facebookers including the all-pervasive search engines, the media has been clamouring to cover the story.

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