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Subject: UKNM: RE: deja boo - the plug!
From: Ian Tester
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:09:49 +0100

a few points in reply to richard's plug. . . ooops, did i say plug, i meant
reply. . .

> Surely it's easy to get people to buy anything from your site once - you
just use somebody else's money to subsidise the selling price to a level the
punters cannot ignore (sic).

erm - not quite. if i go to a so-called "premium" designer site, and i see a
high-ticket suit, but it's made by somebody i don't know, then even if it is
reduced from $1000 to $100, i'm not going to buy it. it's easy to get people
to buy goods with recognised brands by discounting, but unbranded - forget
it. . .

> So fulfilment becomes the key to ensuring customer return (to the site)
levels; can you deliver what they want, when they want, every time?

or perhaps, fulfilment becomes one of about 2000 keys to make customers
return to your site. . . it's an end-to-end experience which registers with
the user, not just whether their stuff turns up. . .think of why people buy
from catalogues - it ain't cos white arrow usually manage to drop it off at
some point!
> It's here that the offline expertise of traditional logistics companies
needs to be harnessed, not as a bolt-on, but as an integral part to the
whole e-solution. How can a dot.com start up expect to create the
infrastructure necessary to achieve satisfactory fulfilment levels from a
standing start?

well, by partnering with the "expertise of traditional logistics companies",
i should imagine . . . you could do worse than start. . . .here!!!

> tel: 0113-399-3000
> www.aardmarket.com
> www.internetlogistics.com

sorry for the high level or sarcasm this morning - still recovering from the
shock of having a baby abandoned in my front garden last night (yes really -
i thought it only happened on the bill)



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