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Lights, Camera, Duchamp: Creating the Human Tide

Human Tide

It's not too widely known that the great Marcel Duchamp once sojourned in Kent. To mark 100 years since his stint in the south east, Unique Digital and Syzygy have something very special planned...

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Second Screening: Breathing New Life into the Living Room

third screen?

It’s one of the more popular narratives spun by technophobes and the perennially grim: the proliferation of mobile devices is facilitating an erosion of the very fabric of civilisation.

Naysayers delight in the perceived paradox that all of those social media platforms designed to bring people together are instead driving them apart. The online ego, they warn, is eclipsing the collective conscience via the promotion of a life lived inches from a pixelated screen.

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Snap Up a New Following

Snapchat Logo

With its popularity continuing to boom, its no surprise that Snapchat – the phone app for sharing one-off, self-destructing photos and videos with friends – has piqued the attention of a few social marketing strategists.

Car manufacturer Acura recently sent out an exclusive six-second clip of their new prototype vehicle to the lucky first 100 followers of their account, a move sure to bag them (and Snapchat) a few more clicks. But does a platform defined by its short attention span represent a viable and sustainable avenue for business to consumer engagement?

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