Chinwag's Old Blog: A Chicane on the Super-Highway

A couple of interesting snippets today... after all the furore over BT's �10 advertising campaign (cue: Freeserve and other ISPs getting upset about their virtual monopoly), there's news that BT are restricting their Anytime subscribers - those people who thought they could surf the net unrestricted - to 150 hours/month, and then an hourly charge.

Hopefully the cost of broadband, which seems to be constantly dropping (sustainable business models...people...have you not been reading the financial press of the last 18 months?) will lure people to switch to ADSL/cable modems.

The resulting increase in usage/access certainly wouldn't hurt, particularly as some of the latest web-based services are better than ever. The question still on everyone's lips: will people pay?

And, potentially, the other question. What's it doing to us? asks an interesting piece on BBC News' website covering the launch of a new Internet Institute. The following snippet...makes you wonder:

" He warned that currently the net is not breaking down barriers and flattening social structures.

By contrast, he said, it was centralising and concentrating information into the hands of smaller groups."

Hmmm, maybe the democratising power of the Internet has been siezed by the data horders?