Chinwag's Old Blog: If You Go Down To The Wood Today - Fun With BugBear

Alongside the delightful invitations to send my bank details to Nigeria, and suggestions to view some nymphettes and her friends, I've started receiving emails from strangers asking me why I've been sending them strange emails which have sent their virus scanners wild.

Fortunately, from our experiences with it's predecessor - the lovely Klez virus and all it's family members - we're aware of the problems these viruses generate. By bundling together a copy of itself with a randomly selected email address and email body, both BugBear and Klez manage to make a real nuisance of themselves. Not only, by clogging mail servers the world over, but also because people are getting randomly accussed of sending viruses and the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing of emails across the world.

If you've been infected, or you're seeing the same email queries that I've been getting, here's a couple of handy resources on the viruses and how to deal with them:

And if you're reading this wondering what on earth I'm jabbering on about you need some anti-virus software. Here's a couple of the leading vendors, although a Google search will reveal dozens of options:

On the positive side - if there is one - I suppose it does provide the opportunity to strike up email conversations with interesting strangers. I'm just waiting for my parents to start calling asking for technical support (that's right, you need to type the words in the white box, no, you have to click on it first)...I really feel for some of the support people at the ISPs, they really earn their money on days like these.