Making Your Brand A Digital Success

Remember that dancing pony? Of course you do.

It demonstrated that mobile network Three understand that ‘silly stuff’ is important to its users; and more importantly, that they want to be involved in the campaign itself.

It generated over 2 million views within a week. Adding a hashtag (#DancePonyDance) ensured consistency when being shared. Promoted tweets and Facebook advertising increased its circulation further. Users could even remix the video via an app and share it again on Twitter and Facebook - 200,000 people did so just in the first week.

With 665 million daily active users on Facebook in the first quarter of 2013, giving your brand a presence on social media is an easy way to share your message.

Look at Tate & Lyle Sugar's Taste and Smile campaign. It aimed to develop the brand’s digital presence via a hub for consumers which buillt on the Facebook community We Love Baking (

From the latest food trend news and exploring behind the scenes at the company via bakers’ blogs and videos, the website caters for everyone from home bakers to keen foodies. Links flow from the website, providing more reach and giving the consumer continued contact with the brand.

The strategy gives much more than a place to buy products; it creates a lifestyle for the consumer through compelling and useful content. With home baking growing massively in the past few years, they have used this to their advantage.

Previously, digital was just a strand of marketing but now it is at the core. Consumers head straight to the internet for content, so brands must make the experience as useful and user friendly as possible.  With the digital element of marketing campaigns allowing for copious amounts of user-generated content, it results in an enduring legacy for both brands and consumers.

With so many competitors, it’s essential to cover different aspects of digital. The Internet Advertising Bureau UK recently found that 90% of consumers would recommend a brand after interaction on social media - will consumers be doing that to your brand next?

Photo (cc) Larry Darling on Flickr. Some rights reserved.