Mobile App Marketing Essentials

There are now over 500,000 apps available in the global app market, and with mobile app development continuing at an exponential pace, standing out amongst them is becoming increasingly challenging.

However, the mobile app market is estimated to be worth over $25 billion by 2015 so it’s no wonder so many want a slice of this huge digital pie.  As with most things on the jam-packed interweb, discoverability is the key and this is reliant on a clear marketing strategy and well timed execution.

Cell and smartphones have changed the consumer landscape in ways we could never have imagined a couple of years ago. They are now the favoured tool for reading the news, catching up on your favourite TV show, communicating with friends and shopping. In fact, sales of smartphones and tablets outstripped those of PCs and laptops by over 100% last year. As a marketer, mobile is now THE place to connect with your audience.

However, mobile app development is not easy, and there are a few essential things to remember when marketing for mobile:

Do your research

It’s no good thinking that if you build it they will come, as in the overcrowded app market this just won’t work. You should approach your mobile app marketing campaign as you would any other marketing campaign. This should begin with market research and an understanding of what your competitors are doing, ask yourself what other top selling apps in your category have in common and how your competitors position themselves within the marketplace.

Get Feedback

You should be seeking feedback at every stage of your app development, whether from potential customers or peers; talk to them about your ideas and act upon their feedback.

Create some buzz around your app early (preferably before it’s been built) by putting up a landing page with a signup form.  Collect emails from anyone interested and engage with them, use them as your beta testers and turn them into early advocates of your app - they do say word of mouth is the best form of advertising after all!

Have a good pitch

It’s all about getting the right people on board - bloggers and journalists are fantastic and will give you great exposure, but you’ll have to get their attention quickly. Make sure you highlight your app’s uniqueness and ask for their valued feedback.

If you’re announcing the launch of your app with a press release make sure it’s pitched to your target audience and lists all the distinctive features of your app. Make sure you include a link to the app store where your app can be downloaded. 

Be Social

Integrating social media into your marketing plan is essential, but approach with caution in order to achieve the best results. Promote your app across as many social media channels as possible and keep the message engaging, using a format that best suits the social channel.  

Remember also to network with bloggers, online review sites and any other relevant online communities.  The key is to generate as much coverage as possible.

Photo (cc) Rob Boudon. Some rights reserved.