December 2013

Ads Aren't Fads as Sharing Surges Fifty-Fold


Social video advertising has exploded. It’s up 5000% since 2006, according to Unruly Media’s
Viral Spiral, charting the three most shared campaigns over the last seven years.
During 2006, the biggest ad of the year was Dove Evolution, which achieved 60,954 shares compared to 4.24m for the company’s Real Beauty Sketches in 2013 
Sharing of the top three branded videos has grown from 1.6m in 2010 to 11.6m in 2013
40% of the top 20 ads of all-time were released in 2013
The most shared ad of all time is still Volkswagen’s 2011 The Force with TNT Benelux’s 2012 Dramatic Surprise  in second, just ahead of Real Beauty Sketches

Sarah Wood, co-founder of Unruly, “From a marketing perspective shares are more meaningful than views. A share is a genuine measure of deep engagement and a driver of significant earned media.
“What we choose to share is a barometer of how we’re feeling, a barometer of what’s moving us to talk around the global water-cooler.”
 The full story, with infographic, is available here.

Photo (cc) Damien

Social video advertising has exploded. Boom!

It’s up 5000% since 2006, according to Unruly Media’s Viral Spiral, charting the three most shared campaigns over the last seven years.

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My Twitter Got Hacked, What Next? The Obvious, Less Obvious & Forensic

Tweet Spammer Hacked Account

And there goes the morning.

If I could describe a deeply annoying start to the day, it would be thus: Wake up to discover that you're offering your Twitter followers a sweet deal on Jordan's (whatever the hell they/s/he is/are).

Then follows a flood of tweets, direct messages, emails, text messages and the other half shouting across the room, "your Twitter account has been hacked".

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Britain's Got Telnet - 78% of Country Now Online

More of us are online, but we feel pretty meh about it

 The number of Britons going online has soared in the last decade, but the majority do so without enthusiasm.

That’s the conclusion of the latest report from Oxford Internet Surveys of our national internet use, which identifies five groups:

  • Cyber-moderates, who use the internet but had no strong feelings either for or against it (37%)
  • Adigitals, who felt the internet was taking over their lives and invading their privacy (14%)

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Apple iBeacons: what are they and what do they mean for retail?

Bye bye, Belisha. There’s a new beacon in town.

In The Guardian, Simon Baldwin blogs that iBeacon seeks to lead.

Apple’s proprietary challenger to Near Field Communication arrived with iOs7. It boasts a range of up to 50 metres and uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to pinpoint location.

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Facebook or Twitter? How Age and Narcissism Motivates The Choice

Facebook is a mirror while Twitter is a megaphone.

That is the core of a University of Michigan study into the two dominant social networks and how people use them.

Lead researcher Elliot Panek and colleagues carried out two studies. In the first, college students were asked how they used social media and given personality assessments. Among this age group, narcissists preferred to use Twitter to broadcast their opinions to others.

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3 Simple Steps to Improve Chinese SEO on Baidu

Baidu Friend

Founded in 2000 by the Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li, Baidu is now China’s most popular search engine, taking a dominant ~80% share of the overall market of mainland China.

Just like Google, high rankings on Baidu is key to tapping the Chinese market. Below we investigate the differences between Baidu and Google, Here's what you need to know and 3 simple steps to improve your Chinese SEO.

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[video] SME Growth Hack Event - Raj Kotecha on Hacking Promotion

Raj Kotecha at SME Growth Hack

The Growth Hacking methodology uses technology to quickly build and develop a business, utilising digital tactics for market research and marketing purposes. Despite one wag describing 'growth hacking' as the Shoreditch term for 'marketing', last week's SME Growth Hack event explored how to hack rapid business growth.

Employing cloud-based tools for management, Growth Hackers make the most of current innovations to allow entrepreneurs to test their business and change it rapidly. Raj Kotecha, MD of Creative Content Agency sat down with Chinwag's Dylan Fuller to discuss how to 'Hack the Global Marketing Platforms'. Here's the video:

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Comment Spam, The Phantom Menace Slowing Your Website

Spammers are bad by Justin Levy

The speed of your website is critical. According to one report for every second that a page takes to load, wave goodbye to 7% of sales and who can afford that? Visa Europe estimating £450m will be spent on Cyber Monday alone.

There's all sorts of clever tech solutions: cloud-based servers, cacheing, content delivery networks to name but a few. Surely good old-fashioned comments don't represent a website glue trap?

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