October 2014

Boris Johnson Backs Great Enterprise Tech Expedition to US as London Tech Firms Hit $1bn Invesment [press release]

Great Tech Expedition Group

London's Mayor, Boris Johnson added his support to this week's Great Tech Expedition to the US, organised by the Mayor's office, UK Trade & Investment with support from Chinwag's trade mission experts, who programme the Digital Mission series.

He said, “We are a city packed with entrepreneurs who are experts in their field and my commitment to them is to provide whatever assistance I can to set them on the path towards international success. The opportunities that this whirlwind tour presents will convert into dollars for the companies and regeneration, jobs and growth back home in London."

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Shellshock, The Internet's Latest Security Scare Explained in 4 Minutes (For Non Techies, Too)

Bash Shellshock

The latest and greatest threat to our online security has been dubbed Shellshock. Apparently, it's worse than the Heartbleed bug. Fortunately, Tom Scott, has done a top job of explaining the whole thing in just 4 minutes. 

You've probably heard about it on the news or <insert favourite tech blog here> - but how do you test if it's affecting you?

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