Shellshock, The Internet's Latest Security Scare Explained in 4 Minutes (For Non Techies, Too)

Bash Shellshock

The latest and greatest threat to our online security has been dubbed Shellshock. Apparently, it's worse than the Heartbleed bug. Fortunately, Tom Scott, has done a top job of explaining the whole thing in just 4 minutes. 

You've probably heard about it on the news or <insert favourite tech blog here> - but how do you test if it's affecting you?

Well, it's pretty simple, if you're a techie, just open up a command line window and type:

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a test"

If you see 'vulnerable' appear, you need to get your system patched asap (Apple users are still waiting for a full update, although there's a partial fix).

However, it's completely understandable if the last couple of paragraphs are total gobbledegook. Thankfully, Tom Scott (famous for a funny and scary exposition of 'privacy' on social networks) explains the bug in just 4 minutes. 

It's also a great explanation of command line tools, any Computer Systems lecturers listening? Let's hope Tom applies his skills to the next highly technical security glitch, which no doubt, is just around the corner.

Pic (cc) Sam Michel, Didgeroo and Bryan Burke on Flickr. Via @thayer.