Digital Mission day 1 - or is that 2?

It is an interesting week to be in New York that's for sure. You can imagine the TV and press coverage here. But new challenges bring opportunities with them. As businesses re-examine their budgets and spending habits, companies with newer, more effective ways of doing things have scope to make gains.

Tom WatsonTom WatsonMeanwhile, the Digital Mission continues at full steam ahead! Yesterday was action-packed. Starting at Winston & Strawn's offices, Tom Watson MP added a UK government perspective - a very encouraging one at that. Expanding a business overseas brings unfamiliar legal and accounting issues, as well different ways of doing business. The sessions went through the key issues for UK businesses looking to establish in the US, as well as tackling a steady flow of questions from the digital mission companies. See more on The Lawyer.

The panels also tackled getting into the local network and winning business. The work might be the same, but New York has a pace and brusqueness that can be a little unnerving to newcomers, but it is refreshing too. Breaking into the market takes a significant effort.

New York ViewNew York ViewThe evening at the British Consulate provided an excellent way for the companies to build contacts; a packed gathering, with senior people from household and industry names. The only challenge was getting round all of the executives present.

Lots of business cards were exchanged and follow up meetings already planned. It was interesting to watch the companies working together - there's a growing sense of camaraderie.

As well as the obvious international bridge building, provided by UK Trade and Investment, something else that keeps coming up in conversation is the benefit of spending time away from the office with industry fellows. There's a community building up between the digital mission companies, together with a fresh excitement about the future of the new media industry in the UK.

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